SambaLá Samba School is a not-for-profit organization whose goals are to showcase the best in Brazilian culture through dance, music, and costume. SambaLá is a traditional samba school that works year-round on a carnaval parade which includes an original theme song, the bateria or drum corp, mestre-sala, porta-bandeira, baianas, samba dancers, costumes, sound car, and a float.


SambaLá has performed over 700 shows during its 20 plus years including the 2010 Rose Parade with Jack-in-the-box, the launching of the “Rio” car for Kia Motors in Seoul Korea, dancing with the stars, 2014 Coca-Cola Worldcup trophy tour, Bridget Fonda’s wedding, and organizing a world-wide parade in the Rio Sambadrome of samba groups from around the world in the year 2000.


SambaLá has produced dozens of outdoor events including the Brazilian Street Carnaval in Long Beach California from 1996-2010, to the Brazilian Day Los Angeles from 2011-2012. Attendance at the events were in the thousands. And in the year 2000, SambaLá produced a world-wide event “Unidos do Mundo” that paraded in the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro for the parade of champions.


SambaLá was founded in 1994 in Long Beach California and in 2015, moved to Boca Raton, Florida and in August of 2016, moved to its current space in Pompano Beach, Florida. SambaLá is a community-based organization that welcomes all who want to dance samba, play drums, or get to know the Brazilian culture. It is made up of members from many countries and backgrounds.